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Meaning and content of social work

As a relatively young scientific discipline, the core of social work is a practice-oriented approach to sociology and social pedagogy. She draws theoretical and empirical findings from the various social sciences and translates them into concrete proposals for action. Recognized as a specialized science in 2001, it is interdisciplinary and strives to solve real problems that arise in practice. In doing so, she draws particular attention to the contents and methods of sociology, psychology and economics. The social work itself is thus the practical pedant to the scientifically designed subjects.

Focus of study

The study of social work comprises two separate blocks. In the theoretical part, the theories and discourses of the social sciences, but also legal, psychological and economic aspects are treated. In the practical part, role-plays, practical seminars and internships are used to learn skills and techniques to deal with different situations and problems. The orientation towards a later employment in social area is particularly high in this study course. In a possible subsequent master’s program, students can expand their knowledge of a particular discipline and specialize, for example, in child and youth work, counseling or music therapy.

Depending on the university, social work can be studied as a diploma, bachelor or in-depth Master’s degree program. The aim of the study is to enable the students to recognize, evaluate and professionally handle social problem situations. For this purpose, active or former social workers are also used as (guest) lecturers.

The study of social work shows an astonishing breadth of variation because of the numerous scientific disciplines that underlie it. This concerns not only the theoretical orientation, but also the content-related examples, which are often taken directly from the practice of social work.

Career perspectives in social work

The focus of social work is the help and support of others. Social workers are particularly involved in social hotspots. The fields of work include support for families, children and adolescents, help with addiction problems, advice on money or legal problems and care for refugees, people with disabilities and seniors. Social work graduates also find employment in prevention and counseling.

A variety of techniques are used. From case-work / case-management, which takes on a case-by-case basis, to social work done for larger groups or the entire community, different priorities are possible.

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